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Golf Clubs’ Evolution, Will Go Where?

Ever since the 17th century the golf clubs have been in a process of evolution or we can call it development. Look back history; the earliest golfers have their hands stuck to the clubs that are carved by craftsmen. With the development of science, everything including the clubs is at a new climate of their evolution. And they are so developed, once putters’ installation of some kind of wheels were forbidden to be used during tournaments, so it has become a knowledge to know what are the best clubs, and how to indentify them amongst the many. Here I am going to introduce you a type of putter– Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2 Putter. If we want to get to know it, we show start with its parameters.

The Studio Select line is the result of Scotty Cameron’s Putter research and their drive to create a putter collection with the finest technical performance and incredible overall feel. The precision milled 303 Stainless Steel Newport putters feature an improved high toe profile and heel and toe circular sole weights that allow for numerous length options in each model.

 The circular heel-toe weights provide amplified stability by reducing head rotation on off-centre impacts for a larger sweet spot. The factory adjustable weights are set to provide the proper head weight-to-shaft length combination. The improved high toe profile of the Studio Select Putters feature a stepless shaft for a clean look and offer a soft but solid feel and are equipped a new Scotty Cameron red cord grip.


 Tour proven Newport-style putters with bold red graphics, high toe profile, and heel & toe circular weights.


 Precision milled 303 Stainless Steel body with factory adjustable Stainless Steel heel & toe circular weights.


 Red Cameron cord


 Silver with bold red tour graphics


Loft : 4°

Lie : 71°

Length : 33”, 34”, 35”

Headweight : 360g, 350g, 340g

Swingweight : C9-D1, D2-D4, D6-D8

Head material : Precision Milled 303 Stainless Steel

Offset : Full Shaft


 Custom RH Lengths : 33”, 34”, 35”

Custom LH Lengths : 33”, 34”, 35”

Custom Lie : +/- 2°

Custom Grips : Red or Black Studio Design, Red or Black Baby T 

And every one knows that if the products are good then they are expensive, so this is the paradox in front of every golfer, how can they get the dreaming golf clubs with less? Here is the solution again. This is one of the online golf trader, they have been in this business for years, and their products are welcome by many nations and people. Not matter you are a guru in the golf field, or you are just a starter, she can provide you with your dream golf clubs.

This site is one of the biggest online golf wholesales company, we have been in this business for years, so just trust our sophistication.

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Soul of Golf Clubs TaylorMade 09 Burner Driver

TaylorMade 09 Burner Driver on

Legendary Burner Speed United With Next Generation Dual Crown Technology

Three elements in the TaylorMade Burner Driver combine to help you send those tee shots long and straight down the middle.

This unique driver unites legendary Burner speed with next generation Dual Crown technology that lowers the center of gravity of the club to generate low spin and high launch. TaylorMade’s Inverted cone technology delivers a super-stable, high MOI (moment of inertia) clubhead design for increased forgiveness on off-center hits, sending them longer and straighter. Finally, a Fujikura SuperFast shaft enables explosive swing speed for even more blazing distance.


  • Next generation Dual Crown Technology incorporates a dual crown and large powerbase to lower CG in the clubhead, and promote high launch and low spin for more distance
  • Super-stable, high-MOI head design, combined with Inverted Cone Technology promotes more forgiveness and more consistent distance on off-center hits
  • SuperFast Technology includes a 49g shaft measuring 46 1/4 inches and promotes explosive swing speed, faster ball speed and added distance

Our golf clubs are directly from original manufacturers, and we operate a warranty system on all our products for 3 years!We will replace you a new club if there is a quality problem during the warranty period, and you only need to pay the shipping cost!

Besides these items, we also have golf clubs from Hong Kong at very competitive prices. We have various brands, like: Callaway,Taylormade,Ping,Nike,Titleist….The sets consist of driver, fairway wood, irons,putter,carry bag,travelling bag.They are all in good conditions. If you are interested in any item, please e-mail us or leave us a message on our website. We are to reply immediately.

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Buying Great Golf Clubs without Emptying Your Wallet

Golf irons are one of highly costly accessories to purchase but it doest have to be that way. Since clubs are manufactured according to the highest standards. You don’t have to spend too much if you are buying an expensive golf club because that would be atotal waste of time and money since you can acquire one at a rational price. And times a much cheaper club would perform much better. In this article you will able to learn why it is not necessary to spend too much money to get a expensive golf club as long as you know where to look for a good golf club and priced at a rational rate at a low price.

For starters in golf, there might be a high probability of enticement to purchase expensive clubs that are the outcome of their imagination that they will develop and improve their skills as the time progresses. This is not a fact though, but the reality is that a remarkable golf club requires certain good techniques so as to work it as you desired. These exclusive golf clubs are basically designed to meet efficiency, but a slightly wrong movement of yours while throwing the ball could actually change the trajectory of ball in a way that you end up quite far off from the original track. And in the end you may see that everyone will be laughing at your stroke.

Second hand clubs could prove to be of great help in practicing your techniques and even during the process you won’t feel embarrassed as well. Also used golf clubs can be a much better option of saving money while still getting some nice and affordable clubs. Even if you usually golf with folks who are into much of technology or like to use state of the art technology, there is a high possibility that they will have much older clubs which are still providing an extreme high quality offering. You may speak to them about buying the used-golf clubs. And see to it that you are actually able to run the club since its important that you know how to see if everything is in order with your golf club. In Second hand golf clubs, you have to be on your toes. Note that; used golf clubs also wear out and may become unusable in future.

Another good place to find low prices for good clubs are auctions whether they are online or just normal ones. Nowadays you will find golf clubs in almost every auction. And you don’t have to spend too much of your time at an auction to find a good club, you will surely have nice golf clubs in a least possible time. All you need to do is to simply have the ability to identify golf clubs as well judge them about their worth of a possible investment arena. And by doing so, you will surely be able to enjoy endless opportunities.

Knowing about golf clubs saves your time and money. It would do you a great favor when you have already carefully planned and found out the things you want in your would-be golf clubs. If you don’t have much experience in telling if there is something wrong with a golf club then it is most likely you are not aware of things and you might just need some help. It is not hard to find cheap golf clubs but you should keep in mind that there are some risks associated with purchasing a second hand golf club. You should know about a few things that you’re looking for and be able to tell if there is something wrong with a golf club or not.

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With Christmas having just passed us by chances are that the golfers among us have had some form of new golf equipment from Santa. New golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing kit are big hits at Christmas with golf players and chances are you’ll be itching to get on the fairways and test out your new toys!

There’s nothing like hitting a good clean shot with a golf club that’s head is free of knocks and dents, the ball will fly straighter and truer than ever before and all golfers will want to keep a hold of that feeling. A part of any golfer’s routine should be maintaining their clubs stay in top condition; many golfers pay little attention, which may adversely affect their overall game. The good golfer will make sure that their clubs, balls and any other vital piece of equipment stays in good condition and takes care not to damage their clubs with knocks or bends.

The most important piece of equipment to buy for your golf clubs is a sturdy, weatherproof golf bag. A lot of amateurs will keep their golf clubs loose in their car boot. Not a good idea as this is likely to see them get bent out of shape. Your golf bag should be weatherproof because when it rains when you are out on the golf course, if rain gets into your golf bag it can damage your club’s grips which can be costly to replace and get refitted.

One tip that a surprising number of golfers are unaware of is cleaning your club face after use. When you take any shot other than a tee shot then there’s a good chance you’ll catch the ground whether it’s on the fairway or in the sand, when you do so your club face can become dirty with the grooves on the face of the club becoming clogged. This may seem unimportant but those grooves are etched for a purpose; helping you strike the ball more cleanly as well as being more forgiving on where you actually hit the ball with your club. All it needs normally is a drop of water or a simple brushing off with a soft brush.

There’s a good chance that your golf clubs or any other new golf equipment cost a lot of money and so it’s wise to take good care to make sure your equipment lasts and serves you well!

If you’re looking to protect your clubs then consider getting golf equipment insurance or if you’re playing golf on holiday or abroad then golf travel insurance may be what you need.

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Choosing Golf Clubs – Are callaway the best golf clubs?

If you have ever been in the golf sports or you are to engage in the sport callaway golf products are the best to use. Ranging from clubs to golf apparels callaway provides the best range of products to suit any user at any level of professionalism in the sport. Ranging from the beginners to professionals, short and tall players callaway has modeled clubs that suit every user.

The Callaway golf clubs are built under very high level of innovation and technology to suit the end user requirements for any professional and beginner golfers. This makes them to be in high demand in the market due to that they meet different level of requirements for specific users. Their look not only makes them more attractive and elegant but also makes their user have great desire for them and also win more games.

Callaway golf clubs are modeled by engineers who model every part of the club play its role effectively. They are most suited for long range drivers’ reason being they are capable of driving ball longer range compared to any other clubs. This aspect is achieved by the fact that their hitting area is much bigger hence this aspect assist in gaining more speed when hitting the ball, the ball move faster and accurately. Different models are suited for specific taste of different users.

The callaway club models not only suite professional but also are good for the beginners. Special clubs are built to help user familiarize them to the art of golfing and make best strikes. A visit to the local golf club store or callaway golf club website you will come across an adjustable or half set golf club model that is good for the beginners before you spend more money to buy professional kit.

Great range of products is offered by callaway firm. Golf apparel is a range of the products which is very essential for golfers who are to spend long time in the golf field. From the shoes, hat and T-shirts callaway models them in persevere the harsh condition while in the golf course like sunburns.

Callaway specializes in golf player essentials ranging from beginner to a professional so for any level player. If you have interest or you are already golfing just identify your preferences and visit any golf store to pick the best Callaway products. Their product line is not restricted to only golf clubs. You will find everything that is required for this game, callaway provides you with wide range of options which comprises of golf apparel which everybody knows that it is the most crucial things you should have if you are planning to spend your day on the golf course. Golf shoes help you in moving in the grass that makes the field of Golf course. Hats as well as shirts are some of the most crucial requirements on the Golf course. In order to protect your skin from damage due sun-burn, you must find proper shading as well.

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Are used golf clubs a “great set”?

A “Great set” would be a cheap set, until you know you will like golf and want to invest a lot of money into it, then you want to pay as little as possible. If you are very new to golf and you are buying golf items for the first time, you’d better look to purchase some cheap used golf clubs instead of betting on those expensive top brand clubs. If you are a beginner golfer, used golf clubs are probably your best bet.

What would a good set of used clubs usually cost?

All depends on the brand, type and set of clubs. Usually, irons come from 3 to Pitching wedge sets. You also need a driver, a fairway wood, a sand wedge and a putter. Get cavity back irons. They are the best type of irons for a starter golfer. One thing you can do is look up on eBay the brand and set that your coach is selling you and compares prices.


You need to look for the following aspects in buying used golf clubs:

  1. Fit: that is how they swing for a person of your height.
  2. Quality: most clubs in to days used market are of high quality but some may have deep scars on the face of the club or even slightly bent shafts. Avoid at all costs or the money you saved by buying used golf clubs will be eaten up in repairs.
  3. Gut Feeling: Some times you look at clubs and a little bell goes. If you really like the clubs, you will hit them better.

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How To Buy Your Golf Clubs And Bag

It will introduce Tips—How To Buy Your Golf Clubs And Bag

Golf clubs can be expensive. The problem is that expensive doesn’t always equal better. So, when it comes to buying golf clubs, a new buyer needs to consider size, fit, weight, material and comfort. If all these elements aren’t there, it won’t matter how much the clubs cost. The truth is, if you can find a club that fits you well, is comfortable in your hands and gives you a good swing, it usually won’t matter if it costs a thousand dollars or fifty.

Keep reading to learn about club fit and weight and why it matters.

Measuring Height:

To determine whether a golf club is right for your height, you also need to think about its “lie.” A golf club’s lie is the angle from which the club head extends from the club shaft.

When testing your club, picture yourself standing in front of a giant, perfectly round clock with your feet facing six o’clock. When you have a normal or flat lie and you swing the club, it should come back in at nine or ten o’clock. If your club fits within that angle and inside the clock, it usually means the club is right for your height.

Measuring Arm Length:

Put your arms down at your sides and get a friend to measure the distance between the floor and the end of your middle finger. That distance provides a good, rough indicator of what the length of your club should be.

Measuring Swing Speed:

The strength of your swing will also determine the type of club shaft that you’ll need or want.

Your everyday golfer usually likes a club shaft that has a bit of flexibility, and these are typically made out of steel, graphite or hybrid metals. If your swing is slower, that flexible shaft will get you more distance than say a rigid, Titanium-shaft driver.

Ideally, the club will feel comfortable in your hand and your swing should be easy. Try borrowing or renting different sets to get a good feel for the different styles and sizes and to see what fits you best before making the financial commitment to purchase a set of clubs.

If you’re just starting out, consider purchasing a mid-quality set or borrowing a set until you understand the game better and have a more solid understanding of your own playing style and specific club preferences. The game of golf is much more enjoyable when using the right clubs.

Choose the Right Golf Bag

Choosing the right golf bag for you comes down to use and price; but first and foremost it’s about how you plan to use it. Often the smaller bags are less expensive, but if you plan to walk yourself around the course, they’re the better choice, and there are beautiful, high-quality carry bags available.

The price or quality of your bag isn’t going to affect your game, but you should pick a bag that fits well and can carry everything you need to have a comfortable game, like an umbrella or an extra jacket. Before you purchase it, walk around the store with your bag and make sure that you like the fit and the way the strap feels on your shoulder.

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Tips For Buying Golf Clubs

There are some tips for buying golf clubs that may help you before you go out and buy your next set. If you want to be successful at the game of golf, your choice of clubs is going to be very important. You need to know what to look for when you’re buying them.

Unless you’re very short or tall, you should use standard length clubs. Standard clubs will allow you to hit the ball on center most of the time. This will help to increase your driving distance and accuracy. If the club is longer, you should be able to increase distance as more club head speed will be generated.

However, longer clubs are harder to control and your accuracy may suffer. Therefore it’s a good idea to keep driver playing lengths to 44 inches or less. The clubs need to feel very comfortable in your hands and they also have to be the proper weight for you. If they are too heavy or too light, they won’t be very effective. If the golf club is too long, heavy, or light, it will be hard to consistently deliver the club head so it is square at impact.

Another in the line of tips for buying golf clubs is the lie. If the lie angle isn’t right for you, the heel or toe of the club will be up. This will often lead to a push or a pull, even with a perfect swing.

If you’re a pretty bad golfer, you may want to consider buying custom clubs. These will match both you and your swing properly. You might be able to improve your game with clubs that are made for your body and golfing style.

When considering these tips for buying golf clubs, don’t forget where and how you buy them. There are many places to buy golf clubs. But unless you are replacing a set or know the exact models you want, it’s advisable to buy them in person. This way you can get a feel for them in your hands. It’s hard to do this if you are buying them online and having them shipped to you.

Left Handed Golf Clubs

If you happen to be one of the fortunate individuals to be included among the left-handed family, then you will occasionally be inconvenienced by our predominantly right-handed world. In most cases, it doesn’t bother the majority of the left-handed, unless it interferes with something which is really enjoyed. Then it becomes a problem. Being a golfer who is also left-handed makes it a necessity to use left handed golf clubs.

Golf is a game which requires intense concentration, great technique and the proper equipment to do the job. In order to play the game, a lefty needs the golf clubs which will fit his or her grip. It may not be easy to find golf clubs which are comfortable enough to play left-handed. You may have to look in several places to find the perfect set of clubs.

Local shops which are solely dedicated to the sport of golf are the best place to begin your search for left handed golf clubs. In order to know how a club is going to feel in your hands, you naturally have to hold it. By visiting your local area golf pro shops you can sample the inventory and get a feel for what is available. Make sure you make note of the brands available, along with the feel and quality of each set of clubs which appeal to you.

After you have carefully browsed through the selections that your local golf shops have to offer, then it is time to take your search online. There are several websites which are solely dedicated to left-handed golfers, so you will not have any problem finding any type of golf equipment you need.

Your goal is to check these websites for the same equipment which you have personally inspected at your local pro shops. You cannot get the same experience shopping online that you can at the corner store. This is why it is important to visit local stores to get the hands-on research you require.

Each website you visit will have a different selection in both quality and brand-name. There may be some brands online which are unavailable anywhere else, and you may see them compared to the brands you have already held in your hand. Whether or not you decide to try one of these is up to you.

After you have finished your online research and make note of all the prices, it is time to compare them against what you found that the local pro shop. If you’re not concerned about getting a better deal but would rather have them quickly, then you should go ahead and purchase them at your local store. However if you can find left handed golf clubs which you like online, and wait for them to be delivered, you can make the purchase while at the website.