All About The Different Golf Clubs

Golf clubs are used to the golf ball from the tee of a hole transport up into the hole. To achieve this effectively and with as little shock, different clubs have been designed to meet the different requirements during the game will be. Depending on whether the ball on the tee to the fairway into a hazard, just before or on the putting green you must govern the trajectory vary widely, or high.

Golf clubs consist of a head, a Graphitchaft and a handle.

The head of a wood, which is used on the tee of a golf course, is relatively large and has a trickle-up pear shape. This allows for distance shots and good accuracy.

Iron by contrast, have a trapezoidal clubhead, which is made of metal. In contrast to the wood with iron can be increased ball control will be achieved. For this reason, they are mainly used for medium shots on the fairways, which are in good aiming and target security matters.

Wedges are mainly used on approach shots to the green to use. Here, above all, a high trajectory of the ball rather than a further shock is required. The length of approach shots is about 20 – 100 m.

Often, the golf ball lands in a hazard, such as a sand bunker. To get him here, was constructed a special club, the sand wedge. This provides a high level and very short strokes.

If the ball landed on the green, he will not be beaten in the air, but still rolled in the direction of rolling. Here, a putter is used.

A complete set of golf clubs that exists in both tournaments, as is also used in practice games, from 14 golf clubs and includes three woods, nine iron, a putter and maybe even a utility-iron or utility wood.

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