Are Tour Golf Clubs Your Best Choice?

With such a myriad of golf clubs on the market, it can be extremely hard to decide where to buy from and which brand to use. Tour golf clubs offer a massive selection of clubs in all categories and are definitely worth considering.

They offer extensive customer services, and as well as a range of their own clubs they offer a range of ‘clone’ clubs, which have been designed to closely reflect some of the professional club ranges and offer you a clone at a much more affordable price. They aim to mimic the technologies used by the leading brands so the clubs are as close as possible to the real deal.  

It is an interesting idea, and if it keeps proving to be so good it will definitely help the entry-level golfer improve his game quicker by playing with high-end clubs that have been cloned and are now affordable.

Tour clubs can be bought in the way that suits you best. Whether you are looking for a whole set as a beginner or whether you want to mix and match brands to create a kit of your own, it is all right there on their website. The information is clearly laid out in an easy to read, easy to use format which is always a bonus as not everyone enjoys using the internet.

There are four main brands that they clone, and these are Nike, Taylormade, Ping and Callaway. They are so sure that you will think this is the best club you have ever owned that they are more than happy to offer a thirty day money back guarantee, so you really don’t have a lot to lose.  These clones are impressive.

They have very close styling to the real deal, so from a distance your fellow golfer would be forgiven for thinking that you do indeed hold the real Nike club in your hand. As the performance is so good, you may even forget yourself that this is in fact a clone!

Tour have clubs to appeal to all, and they offer a comprehensive selection of clubs for the female golfer as well as a good selection for the left handed golfer, so no one misses out here. They really do seem to have thought over everything and everyone.  There is a massive range on offer and the prices are good, so you really are going to find something to suit your pocket and your needs.  

We have to say that the knowledge of their staff was good, too. We called several times with different queries and the staff always had a helpful response. It was clearly from a knowledge of golf, which reassured us that they really knew the golf market.   

We don’t seem to be alone in thinking that they are good as there was a range of positive comments on the website, and the internet is littered with other articles that found, as we did, that Tour are good, the clubs are excellent, and yes it is safe to say that Tour golf clubs could be your best choice!

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