Callaway Gems 8-Club Women’s Golf Club Set

  • Draw-biased all-titanium driver and stainless steel fairway wood help reduce fades and slices for more fairways hit.
  • Increaded offset in 5H hybrid and i-brids helps square the clubface at impact and the sole design improves turf interaction.
  • The chipper optimizes spin and roll on shots around the green.
  • The Odyssey 2-ball putter makes lining up putts more accurate.
  • Lightweight stand bag features solf colors and is easy to carry around the course.

Product Description
A complete set designed for women new to the game or the occasional high-handicap player looking to play better golf. Then GEMS Set is based directly on input received by women golfers, instructors and expect designers, and as a result our engineers have built a technologically advanced set of clubs women told us they want and need. Comprised of eight clubs that utilize the latest Callaway Golf game-improvement technologies, the set provides the optimal configuratio… More >>

Callaway Gems 8-Club Women’s Golf Club Set

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  • C. Gander Jan 12, 2010 @ 16:57

    ordered for my 12 year old daughter who is on our local Jr. Varsity golf team. the clubs have served her well!
    Rating: 5 / 5

  • D. Gomez Jan 12, 2010 @ 16:59

    I took up golf about 2 and a half years ago. At the time I did not know much about what to look for in clubs. I am taller (5’7″) so I figured I would get a set of cheap RAM men’s clubs to start out. My thinking was that practicing with the same set of clubs will add consistency to my game. And this was partly true. I definitely got some wear and tear out of my RAM clubs.

    Since I still love the game, I finally decided that I wanted to invest in a nicer set of clubs. I went to a pro shop and got measured. The man who ended up helping me suggested I try women’s clubs. So I tried a few different brands and immediately fell in love with Callaway. The slightly shorter club (I figured out that men’s clubs are too long for me) plus the technology that Callaway uses made every shot feel effortless. The only problem was the price tag. Most higher end golf club brands sell mostly iron sets. Then you have to invest in drivers and a putter yourself. Callaway irons for women run around $500+, add on to it $200 per driver plus a putter and things start to add up.

    So I searched the internet and found Callaway’s latest GEM set. I think I can confidently say that for women there is not a better deal on the market. You get a COMPLETE set of Callaway golf clubs for about $600 bucks. And don’t think that you’re getting less than stellar clubs either. Yes, there are only 8 clubs plus a putter. But here’s the thing: if they’re the right clubs, that’s all women NEED. With my RAM set I NEVER used my 4 or 5 iron when playing. They don’t give a lot of lift (like I would opt for the 6 on a fairway) and I can hit much farther just using my 5 wood off a tee. This set basically strips away all the superfluous clubs and gives women the ones that they will actually play with. I took this set out to play for the first time today and I used every single club. A first in my playing history.

    So I highly recommend this set. Obviously, if you are a professional you would have different requirements. But if you are like me and you’re just a novice-intermediate player who enjoys the game, get this set of clubs.

    One more side note: my only qualm about buying these clubs was that they only come in that blue color. I’m not a very “frilly” person and I was worried that they might be a little too baby blue looking. But they’re not. The clubs are a beautiful darker blue and the case looks like more of a true blue in real life compared to how it’s photographed.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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