Callaway golf clubs for beginners in 2010

As a player who wants to learn how to play golf, you desire to have a set of helpful clubs with cheapest price. And that’s why we recommend these awesome items for you.

Driver: Callaway Big Bertha 460

Features:  forgiving on mis-hits; straight hit; Consistent feel of swing

Summary: “Big Bertha” is a brand that Callaway describes as “beloved.” Callaway Big Bertha Driver is one of the most popular products in Callaway’s family.The stock shaft is pretty whippy for golfers with not high speed swing. A 460cc head volume and a shallower face inspire confidence at address. Callaway Big Bertha 460 Driver brings you such a confident feedback that you will find it easier to hit your ball straight: the ball jumps off the face and always in the direction you want it to go. So incredibly easy right? If you are looking for a driver to inspire confidence this is the club for you. Callaway Big Bertha 460 Driver makes you look forward to the next tee to play it.

Suitable crowd: any high-handicapper who is just looking to add some enjoyment back into their game.

Fairway: Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Wood #3 #5Callaway Big Bertha Fairway Wood from wowogolf

Features: large club head, hitting distance

Summary: Callaway Big Bertha Fairway wood was selected by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine as the top fairway wood in 2007, and today in 2010 it’s classic among golf beginners. The performance has turned out that this large club head we were nervous is rather awesome: Most swings produce very solid contact and the larger effective hitting area makes it easy to get the ball airborne for optimum trajectory. This club is many starters’ go to club when they cant swing their drive. The ping it makes at contact,the large head, the white alignment line,everything about callaway BB fairway woods will all catch you.

Suitable crowd: junior golf beginners

Irons: Callaway X-20 Iron Set

Features: light weighted, good performance Callaway X-20 Iron Set from wowogolf

Summary: Irons are a personal matter so what suits one player may not suit another. The Callaway X-20 Irons are probably not for low handicappers, but very helpful for those beginner adults or teens who want to play golf. It has a wide sweet spot and is easy to use. The X20s are solid, very well balanced, forgiving, and instills a lot of confidence at address. The Callaway X-20 Irons gives a soft feel on impact to the club face. It’s very forgiving and develops more distance off of each club. It absorbs a lot of the shock which is good. It has a ton of game improvement features, and most importantly it performs. Rocco Mediate used these exact irons to take Tiger to a playoff in the 2007 US Open and that says it all.

Suitable crowd: Beginners who want to play golf or improve their game.

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