Callaway golf clubs – use the used!

The undisputed leader in golf club technology today is Callaway Golf. The company constantly develops new products and also keeps improving its older ones to make sure that Callaway golf drivers, woods and putters are leaders everywhere. Callaway golf in the year 2003 received more than a 100 patents alone. They truly have an unmatched and unchallenged commitment to excellence, excellence in golf.


1986-Callaway for the first time used computer controlled milling machines, ensuring flatness of their putter faces.

1997-sales reach astounding $849 million.

2003-was No.1 brand in woods, irons and putters for seven years in a row.

2007-on the Golf Digest Hot list, they have a mind boggling 17 products to their credit. These include golf balls, drivers, woods and irons.

Clearly, it a very crystal clear fact now that Callaway golf clubs and other products are the best in the business. Where there is quality, there is a matching price. With such modern technology used in the manufacture of Callaway products, their price is also quite high. These products come in a price band of $1000-$2000.Although these prices may seem high but these are competitive with the other brands.

When a person is only starting off at golf and does not want to spend at expensive products, one can always go for used Callaway golf clubs. one can purchase used Callaway golf clubs at a considerably low price while not compromising too much on the quality.however.whenever one purchases used Callaway golf clubs or any other used golf products, one should take care of fake and inferior quality merchandise, imitation golf clubs, clubs that have been altered from the original and others.

Used Callaway golf clubs are highly recommended over new ones unless you are a seasoned golf professional or a keen golf player. To ensure that what you are buying is the highest quality, buy only certified pre-owned Callaway golf clubs.


  1. Used golf clubs come with a warranty
  2. they are comparable to the original specifications for highest quality
  3. Certification of authentication of Callaway is given.
  4. Very cheap compared to new Callaway golf clubs.

The buying of used Callaway golf clubs is just like the situation of buying used automobiles. One knows the condition and the quality of the product one is getting and also gets a warranty. It is of utmost importance that one only buys authentic used Callaway golf clubs from certified pre-owned Callaway golf club sellers.


1. Callaway FT-5 Driver

A huge 50 grams weight has been added using carbon fibre body-this creates the Optfit Weighting System that produces three centres of gravity systems-Draw, Fade and the neutral.

2. Callaway FT-i Driver

It has the revolutionary 460cc Complete Inertial Design which certainly takes imagination clubbed with reality to a whole new level. It has the highest moment of inertia than any other club today.

3. Callaway 460cc Driver

This particular driver is all-titanium and has been designed for longer and straighter tee shots. The CT/VFT Face, Consistent alignment sole and patented Callaway golf technologies have all been incorporated into this 460cc driver.

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