Choosing the correct golf clubs

To ensure you are getting the most out of your golf it essential you have the correct clubs to suit your game.  Many people rush out and buy the most expensive clubs they can afford but there is more to choosing a club than just the price.

If you are a beginner you should choose clubs with steel shafts.  Steel shafts have less flex than graphite shafts, flex in the shafts causes the club head to whip through increasing club head speed at impact. This can be hard to control for a beginner golfer who is just trying to perfect there swing and not looking for extra yardage graphite shafts provide.  Most drivers these days come with graphite shafts, be sure to select one with the least amount of flex as possible.

Clubs should be the correct length. As a general rule standard length clubs suit the golfer who is about 5’11”, this however varies from person to person as some people have longer arms or are taller through the torso.  When purchasing your clubs the store assistant will measure you and adjust the club lengths to suit, this generally involves adding or removing around a 1/4 of an inch.

You should purchase your clubs from a golf course or dedicated golf store and not a general sports store.  Dedicated golf stores have trained staff who know what types of club suit particular styles of golfers.  Staff in golf store will have also tested out clubs and can give you expert advice on what to expect from each of the different brands.

Don’t feel the need to purchase brand name clubs that you have seen your favorite pro golfer using.  There are some specialist club manufacturers that target the amateur golfer only, these clubs will generally cost less as the companies don’t have to spend millions on sponsoring pros and are tailored to help correct flaws in the amateurs game.

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