Enhance Your Golf Tournament With Hole In One Insurance

Golf tournament merchandise is given out at virtually every golf contest. These golf gifts are fun and practical. Most golfers appreciate them and are proud to use them. However, you can make the players’ golf outing even more exciting by means of hole-in-one insurance.

 Hole-in-one insurance is a way to guarantee lavish prizes to anyone who meets the criterion. That is, the golfer has to make a hole-in-one on the hole you specify. While everyone will get golf gifts during the tournament, only a few, if any, will be able to hit the cup on the first long drive for that hole.

 The golf prizes used for hole-in-one insurance are always extravagant. You might choose a tropical vacation, an SUV, a motorcycle, or good hard cash. Anything that will fascinate your players fills the bill nicely.

 The prices are really quite reasonable for the insurance. For instance, you might be able to offer a $5000 vacation for under $200 in hole-in-one insurance. This keeps your costs down and gives you more room in your budget for other golf prizes such as tournament tee bags.

 Furthermore, you can offer even better golf prizes by searching your area for companies who will sponsor your golf tournament. The company that signs on with you can benefit by advertising their brand on golf tournament merchandise. They will also get recognition for offering the spectacular prize when they sponsor the hole-in-one insurance for your club.

 It is important to get the word out that you are indeed offering this amazing prize for anyone who achieves this incredible golfing feat. This does two things. First, it will get people in to your golf course to practice that hole. This increases your business. Second, it will increase the number of people who sign up for the tournament. You will have to be careful to have enough golf gifts for everyone who shows up to play.

 When you buy hole-in-one insurance, you make the tournament special to every player. Everyone knows that there can only be one winner of the golf tournament itself. A player may feel that he or she has no chance to win when the field is filled with a number of great players. Yet, any player has the chance at winning a hole-in-one, and it does not matter if others win the hole-in-one. Technically, they can win it as well.

 The fact that anything is possible brings players hope that might not have had much enjoyment in the game. It gives them something to look forward to as they play up to that hole. For that reason, it is also a good idea to make the special hole one that is towards the end of the tournament course. At the beginning, you can excite them with golf tournament merchandise that they can use throughout the game.

 Hole-in-one insurance makes any tournament more exciting. It brings in more players and enhances the experiences of all the players. Getting a special prize is fantastic, of course, but just the possibility of winning hole-in-one golf prizes makes the tournament more thrilling.



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