Getbetterlife launches brand new health products – golf clubs

July 25, 2009, Shenzhen, China – has been well-known devoting himself to selling products which make people healthier and more beautiful. Such as dental care products, hair straightener and connector, nail care manicure kits, foot care foot baths machine, etc. Also tattoo body arts products and accessories are the best sellers in Now has added brand new health product-golf clubs to their selection.


Playing Golf is beneficial for people’s health and it is loved by many people especially those successful men. When playing golf, a golf shaft is very important. And what’s the most important part of a shaft is the clubs which also called club head. Irons are the most the most versatile class, and are used for a variety of shots.


Golf clubs available on are those kinds of club head with high quality and cheap price. The length, the weight and other parameters have reached the standards of golf equipment. What’s more, Golf clubs of are directly from original factories and the after sales quality guarantee is 3 years!  Any problem, you are appreciated to send them back for new quality ones.


Brand new golf clubs aims to be the best supplier of Golf clubs and other accessories in the future. Customers include brick-and-motor resellers, eBay resellers and golf club owners are welcomed to buy those new brands golf clubs and will get a discount of free shipping.


About is a leading worldwide wholesaler. More than 100 thousands of quality merchandises and big brand name products are available here at wholesale price.



Golf clubs:

Live a healthier and more beautiful life.

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