Golf And Business Go Together

Golf and business go to gather like horse and carriage. Golf is game of businessmen. Most of the businessmen fond of playing golf. The golf course is now a day becomes their meeting places. More and more merger and takeovers planed at golf course. The origin of these business ideas are come in to action during playing golf. Many people think that golf is a game of businessmen. More deals are closed in a golf course club house or through the relationships cultivated while playing golf than with any other endeavor. There are couples of reason for this. One, even though in America the game of golf has spilled over to a common man, having lowered the cost through municipal golf courses, daily fee courses and other facilities. That is not as common in other countries, especially Europe. Golf is still considering the game of businessmen and royalty. It is still consider the precious game. In many countries golf is expensive. Two, the game of golf is to difficult to play well, takes four and a half hours to play and has a built it social factor by including lunch after nine holes in a fancy clubhouse and then drink afterwards. In America you include the golf cart which allows you to schmooze your prospective client all the way around the golf course for the entire four and a half hours. As if that’s not enough golf is only game I know that you can play with a drink in your hand.

In the case of golf it is true that it the game of business. Golf is very popular in corporate world. Most of the businessmen are fond of playing golf. It is their favorite pass time. Now golf course becomes a meeting place of businessmen. They enjoy the game with their business clients. Now that we know that golf is a game of business how does one improve their bottom line through this advantageous endeavor? Let me offer some tips for those that play golf make sure that you are at least proficient enough to score 90 – 95. If you are shooting over the hundred you will done more harm than good. You have to entertain your business clients during the game of golf. You can improve your business relationship during the game of golf. Those relationships help your business to grow. Business relationship cultivated on the golf course is long lasting. You can even impress your business clients by playing better golf.

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