Golf Ball Divot Tool And Cigar Holder

I recently was asked about my nifty little divot tool by a buddy of mine floating the boat down in the keys. It wasnt the fact that it fixed the divots with a stylish ease , but the way it could hold my favorite Cuban up off the freshly cut fairways and greens.

Apparently not everyone knows about these little combo tools. Not only do they work like a charm, but you cant ask for a better looking accessorie for impressing the boss or whoever else you spend time on the links with. 

So I decided to throw together a quick little article to let anyone thats interested , know where I got mine from. 

I actually purchased mine from amazon, believe it or not. I cam across the tool while browsing through the golf books and travel guides. Im not quite sure of the exact route I took to get there, but I did a quick look and decided to copy down the page address for anyone that would like to check it out themselves.

Divot Tool and Cigar Holder

Product Description

This stylish gold anodized aluminum golf tool is an essential for the cigar aficionado at tee time. The golf divot repair tool also doubles as a cigar holder, keeping your cigar off the grass while you make your swing. It is lightweight and folds flat for easy storage. Comes packaged in a gift box. Dimensions (while flat): 3″ L x 1.25″ W Color: Gold, sold individually

Product Features

Gift Boxed
Gold-colored aluminum frame folds flat for easy storage
Divot repair tool doubles as cigar holder
Includes one gold, silver is sold separately

Its priced around $15 , definitely worth it. Looks good and has a solid feel to it. One of the benefits of this particular tool is the easy carrying and storage. It fits just about anywhere, with its smooth folding action. 

I just wanted to share this great little tool. I placed another link at the bottom of this article in the ‘about author’ resource box. 

Happ Golfing!

Oh yeah , I came across a 3 in 1 tool, as well. I cannot say I know much about it,I do not own 1 – yet. But its actually a divot tool, cigar holder, AND a shoe horn. You can check it out when you folow the link.



Check out both of the Cigar Holder tools here,
Divot Tool and Cigar Holder

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