Golf Clubs?Big-Name PK Big-Name

Golf Clubs?Big-Name PK Big-Name

There are so many golf brands in the field; this article will tell you how to find your favorite golf equipments.

Clone golf club which uses similar materials and design, but at a lower cost. The principle is similar to the drugstore offering a generic version of the same drug, the only fault of which is lack of advertising.

As you advance in the game, however, you are bound to realize that you may need some minor or major calibrations to your equipment. This is when you start knocking on the custom club maker’s door!

Dunlop golf clubs, like the Surpass series, are considered a “starter set” of “game improvement” irons and metal woods—they are cheap, too!

Nike golf clubs styles are very diverse, as they are manufactured with the intention of fitting many different types of players. Compared to Callaway irons, Nike clubs are normally lighter and more flexible.

The King Cobra club is known for its oversized head which gives it a larger sweet spot than competitive models. Meanwhile, the other Cobras meant for the advanced golfer are among the most precise on the market.

If you are going looking for a driver, and end up choosing one from TaylorMade, it’s a lot better to try out the full set. You can have a driver from TaylorMade, fairway woods from Callaway, irons from Mizuno, wedges from Cleveland and a Scotty Cameron putter—but do consider how this assortment might affect your game consistency.

With the Big Bertha Titanium Driver, Callaway Golf designers have made the driver head slightly longer from heel to toe than other Callaway Golf drive in order to provide a powerful club-to-ball transfer of energy.

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