Golf Clubs and Knowing When to Change Them

By making sure your golf clubs are in perfect working order you will always get the most out of the game

It goes without saying that your golf clubs are the most important piece of equipment you have. If you’re a seasoned pro then you’ll know how important it is not only to clean and maintain your clubs, but also to give them regular examinations for wear and tear. For the beginner, however, you’ll want to know what to look for and how often to check them. Having well-maintained, damage-free golf clubs can make all the difference to your game.

In terms of turnover, if you’re playing golf once a week, you will probably need to change your grips once every five months. For the shaft, most shafts will carry a life for about five and a half years, if you really like the club head. For the whole club it has been known that some players will keep the same one for 15 years. But other players will now change their clubs every time there is a new model, so it’s really up to you.

You should, however, check the lie and loft of your clubs every year because a seven iron could turn into six iron after repeated use.

Below is a list of things you should pay particular attention to make sure your golf clubs are kept in good condition:

Shafts – Check the shafts for cracks or dents. If you have a steel shaft you should check that it is not bent and for a graphite shaft, make sure that there are no indentations that could cause weakness. A rattling sound when you shake the golf clubs is not good, as this could be a sign of loose weights.

Grips – Make sure that there are no splits or worn areas on the grips. If you are having trouble holding your golf club you may need to change your grips or have your grip size checked.

Loft – Loft is the angle or degree at which the face of the club lies relative to a vertical face. The angle of the loft affects how far and how high your ball will go. After months of playing it is likely that you clubs will have become misaligned.

Lie – Check the alignment of the lie of your club because if it is misaligned it can hugely affect your shot.

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