Golf Clubs Callaway produces for Beginners to Pros

Callaway has a long record of making golf clubs designed for an players strengths and to make up for their drawbacks. The golf clubs Callaway has engineered use the best technology so that each ability level is met. Used by the PGA’s best, Callaway will forever be related to the ultimate in golfing ability. They have set the industry standard in drivers and are solely responsible for developing the now famous Big Bertha.

The Fusion Technology drivers are golf clubs Callaway has made use of a multi-faceted design for. They target each aspect of the club, like the inertia that occurs when the club contacts the ball, the height, depth and center of balance, the center of gravity bias, face design, loft of the ball and the way the club lays. All of these crucial sides of how the club hits the ball are taken into consideration so that the optimum force and distance is achieved.

The Big Bertha is Callaway’s famous driver with hyperbolic face technology. The weight has been engineered in the exact locations that will let the player achieve the highest and longest ball flights possible . There is also a set of Big Bertha irons for guys that behave the same way by offering a large head for shot forgiveness.

Golf clubs Callaway has for women, include the Big Bertha that has been engineered particularly for a girl’s swing style and power. It is a titanium driver that is just light enough so that the velocity of the swing isn’t reduced. Callaway also has the Big Bertha irons that have been developed just for girls and supply more forgiveness for off-center shots.

The Callaway X-Series has once more set the industry standard for MOI and CG. Weight has been distributed for unbeatable performance and distance control.

The golf clubs Callaway has designed to be similar to hybrids are the FT i-brids. They may be employed to hit long distance shots where a 3 wood or four iron would often be used. The i-brids give a larger margin of error for those long distance shots. Callaway has proven to have the newest invention so the golfer, either learner, handicapper or professional will always be at the pinnacle of their game.

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Lucio Torres is a keen amateur golfer now living and playing the beautiful golf courses of the Algarve in Portugal. At the time of writing Lucio is playing off a 9 handicap.

Lucio recently bought a new set of Callaway Clubs thru

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