Golf Course Reviews: How To Find New Jersey Course Reviews

If you are looking for golf course reviews, especially New Jersey Course Reviews, you’ll find all you need at The Local Golfer.  This is a terrific new website that is dedicated to providing you, the avid golfer, all the information you need on any public golf course in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States.  This is a comprehensive site that can help you find some of the best courses in New Jersey and in many other areas.

One of the truly outstanding features on this site is the Golf Course Directory.  Here you will find hundreds of public golf courses in the Mid-Atlantic states.  There are maps and contact information. You’ll find most have the cart and green fees listed.  The Pro Shop number is also listed, so you can call with any questions you may have.  However, The Local Golfer takes it one step further. 

This area of the site also contains ratings and reviews for the listed courses.  Golf Course Reviews are available online, but you will have a difficult time finding one site with this much information.  The reviews and ratings are from real golfers.  These are people who have played these courses and have left their opinions and impressions for others.  You can also leave your own reviews and ratings.  The ratings provide a lot of information, based upon four different categories.  You can rate a course on the overall, green, and fairway conditions, as well as the course value. 

The golf course reviews allow you to leave specific information you feel other golfers may need.  You can leave just about any review you choose, but The Local Golfer wants you to be fair and honest.

For New Jersey Course Reviews, simply click on New Jersey on the map found on the home page.  It will take you directly to the public course listings found in this state.  You can see the top five rated courses, as well as those that are most popular in terms of views on the site.  This is where you will find the course that could quickly become your favorite.

The Local Golfer is much more than just New Jersey course reviews.  While you certainly will love the golf course reviews area of the site, you can also find other areas that will offer just as much help.  The golfer’s forum is a terrific place to interact with other golfers.  You can trade tips and techniques, talk about your favorite golf clubs, or even find items for sale or trade.  It’s a great place for you to make some new friends who love the game of golf as much as you do.

The Local Golfer blog will provide you with all the latest news in the golfing world.  You’ll find comments on the most current headlines, tournaments, players, and a lot more.  If you want to keep up on what is new in the game of golf, here’s a good place to start.

There are also links to other great websites for more information on New Jersey course reviews.  You will simply not find a more complete site for those who love golf.

The Local Golfer will help you decide where you want to play your next 18 holes and keep you up-to-date on the latest news and tips to improve your game.  Take a few moments and browse through the site.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

New Jersey Course Reviews can help you decide where to play some of the best public golf courses in the Mid Atlantic. You will find these golf course reviews to be informative and honest, but there is a lot more to be found.

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