Golf Gift – Give An E-Cource.

Hi, before you go any further into reading this article please be warned. 


A gift idea like this one has to be carefully thought about first. The reason? Simple, if you give a gift showing that you are aware that there is a fault in someone’s golf game, they could get very upset. Especially if they do not think that they need that specific item fixed.  


No golfer is ever happy with their game overall. Golfers certainly have a lot to choose from, since it is one of the most accessorized sports out there. If you are looking for a gift that a golfer could use, find out which specific part of their game seems to be giving them the most trouble. As a gift for a golfing loved one, or friend, you will have no problem finding something that will help overcome that specific malady. Here I will discuss some of the more common e-courses that are available out there, there are many more than the ones that will be discussed here, but for the sake of time let us just cover a few for now. If you are looking for more of a gag gift, you may want to look elsewhere. However, if your needs include a useful golf accessory, read on.    


Home training equipment is also very popular in the golfing community. There are many different devices that are meant to teach golfers to swing with better technique in the comfort of their own homes. These are known as golf swing trainers, and are generally more on the expensive side than any other golf gift.   


A popular one is the chance to increase the length of your drive, and curing a slice. Now that is one that you can’t miss or for that matter hide from your regular playing partners. Another one in my system always brings a grin to my face, it promises to enable me to break 80. Well the truth is breaking 100 would be great. Humm, thinking about it, I wonder, maybe it is worth a try. It is interesting to note the most e- courses cover two topics, swing repair, well that one would be obvious. But this next one, I love, and that is the mind control stuff. So much of it is in your head it is scary. Next thing they will invent some sort of head clamp. This will not only hold your head still, finally, and continually chirp encouraging things into your ear.  


Whatever gift you think of, please remember to point out that the truth is that it is the thought that counts. The old maxim is true. Maybe it is an idea to discuss it with the person you would like to give it to, and make sure that it would be put to good use.


  Overall, you should know that golfers are a fairly easy crowd to please. Anyone who is happy just hitting balls with sticks all day will have no problem entertaining themselves with any of the gimmicky or novelty gifts that you can come up with.   


Finally please don’t forget that the idea of the game of golf is to enjoy yourself.  


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Rob Anderson

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