Golf Swing Tempo vs Golf Swing Speed

Are you told by your golf buddies that you swing too fast? Do you think Ernie Els swings nice and slow?

The chances are that Ernie’s smooth swing is WAY faster than yours. It’s not the speed, but the tempo, that separate you from Ernie, because Golf Swing Speed and Golf Swing Tempo are fundamentally different.

Quite often a golfers swing can appear extremely fast, because they don’t have the correct swing tempo. They usually have a very deliberate take away and back swing, where they are trying to ‘Place’ the club head in the correct position. There may even be a deliberate pause at the top. This is then followed by a rush, down towards the ball, trying to gain the momentum that was lost during the back swing phase.

The chances are that all of the PGA tour players swing faster than you. What separates them, from us, is that they do it with a swing tempo that is fluid not disjointed. They also swing to an exact tempo ratio.

I’ve read many articles, allegedly about Golf Swing Tempo, that start to talk about components of the swing. Swing plane, take away, ball position, alignment. These are fundamentals and separate parts of the swing. These are the individual parts that you learn, which when combined, give you a complete golf swing. Golf swing tempo, is the glue that holds all of these constituent parts together. In fact, the more you swing, with the correct swing tempo, the more stable all of those swing components become…

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