Graphite Golf Clubs

Technology has improved greatly over the years and it hasn’t just been in the area of electronics. Sports equipment has also benefited from the years of research and development. A prime example of this is graphite golf clubs.

These clubs are much lighter and stronger than the designs of the past. Graphite golf shafts definitely have several advantages over steel clubs. The main benefits are length, weight, and impact. These are three important aspects of a golf club.

Graphite golf clubs are very lightweight. Many steel shafts weigh between about 90 and 130 grams, whereas graphite shafts typically weigh about 40 to 85 grams. This makes graphite shafts ideal for children as well as female and older golfers.

Because the shafts are so light, you can generate much more speed in your swing, which should translate into greater distance. Steel shafts are ideal for controlled shots instead of distance. Graphite shafts are usually used in drivers and woods where you are using them for distance.

The lighter shafts also mean you will feel less impact when you connect with the ball. Graphite clubs will absorb more of the impact than steel. This will save you a bit of pain in the hands in case you don’t hit the ball cleanly.

You will find with graphite shafts there are more options when it comes to length of the clubs. They are usually made with longer lengths than their steel counterparts. This allows you to use longer clubs if you choose. These could help you add some more distance to your shots.

You should be able to find a wide selection of graphite golf clubs at all golf pro shops as well as several online outlets. The prices will vary from retailer to retailer. It’s recommended to buy clubs in person so you can get the feel of them in your hands before buying them.

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