How Far Can Hybrid Golf Clubs Hit?

Hybrids golf clubs–which are a mix between irons and woods–are much easier to hit and often produce more consistent shots than standard clubs. They are so effective that nearly all touring professionals carry at least one hybrid in their golf bags. Hybrids are much easier to control than fairway woods or long irons and since they are easy to swing they can give the golfer more distance as well.

 The amount of distance you can get on a shot is determined by factors including loft angle, length and the weighting of the club. However, the biggest single factor is swing speed. The hybrid clubs are lighter than all fairway woods and most irons, so the golfer is capable of getting greater swing speed. As a result, the lighter hybrid club is often capable of getting an additional 10 to 20 yards of distance over your standard clubs. Here is the average distance for an average golfer (18- handicap) with hybrid clubs and the clubs they are replacing:

 16-degree hybrid — 198 yards; 5-wood — 194 yards
21-degree hybrid — 190 yards; 3-iron — 184 yards
24-degree hybrid — 178 yards; 4-iron — 174 yards
27-degree hybrid — 169 yards — 5-iron — 157 yards


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