How To Buy Your Golf Clubs And Bag

It will introduce Tips—How To Buy Your Golf Clubs And Bag

Golf clubs can be expensive. The problem is that expensive doesn’t always equal better. So, when it comes to buying golf clubs, a new buyer needs to consider size, fit, weight, material and comfort. If all these elements aren’t there, it won’t matter how much the clubs cost. The truth is, if you can find a club that fits you well, is comfortable in your hands and gives you a good swing, it usually won’t matter if it costs a thousand dollars or fifty.

Keep reading to learn about club fit and weight and why it matters.

Measuring Height:

To determine whether a golf club is right for your height, you also need to think about its “lie.” A golf club’s lie is the angle from which the club head extends from the club shaft.

When testing your club, picture yourself standing in front of a giant, perfectly round clock with your feet facing six o’clock. When you have a normal or flat lie and you swing the club, it should come back in at nine or ten o’clock. If your club fits within that angle and inside the clock, it usually means the club is right for your height.

Measuring Arm Length:

Put your arms down at your sides and get a friend to measure the distance between the floor and the end of your middle finger. That distance provides a good, rough indicator of what the length of your club should be.

Measuring Swing Speed:

The strength of your swing will also determine the type of club shaft that you’ll need or want.

Your everyday golfer usually likes a club shaft that has a bit of flexibility, and these are typically made out of steel, graphite or hybrid metals. If your swing is slower, that flexible shaft will get you more distance than say a rigid, Titanium-shaft driver.

Ideally, the club will feel comfortable in your hand and your swing should be easy. Try borrowing or renting different sets to get a good feel for the different styles and sizes and to see what fits you best before making the financial commitment to purchase a set of clubs.

If you’re just starting out, consider purchasing a mid-quality set or borrowing a set until you understand the game better and have a more solid understanding of your own playing style and specific club preferences. The game of golf is much more enjoyable when using the right clubs.

Choose the Right Golf Bag

Choosing the right golf bag for you comes down to use and price; but first and foremost it’s about how you plan to use it. Often the smaller bags are less expensive, but if you plan to walk yourself around the course, they’re the better choice, and there are beautiful, high-quality carry bags available.

The price or quality of your bag isn’t going to affect your game, but you should pick a bag that fits well and can carry everything you need to have a comfortable game, like an umbrella or an extra jacket. Before you purchase it, walk around the store with your bag and make sure that you like the fit and the way the strap feels on your shoulder.

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