How to Get a Great Pre-Shot Routine and Improve Your Consistency on the Golf Course

The problem most amateur golfers struggle with during a round of golf is the high amount of strokes that are wasted by inadequate preparation or concentration levels not being as high as they should be.

These wasted strokes are easy to get rid of if you just know how.

So here is what you must do to stop wasting shots.

Ensure that you have a pre-shot routine. A pre-shot routine is a very important part of successfully executing a golf shot. You have to find a method of preparing yourself mentally and physically for each shot. If you can approach every shot with the correct mindset and with the knowledge of exactly how you want to execute the stroke, the probability of that stroke being successful increases exponentially.

So here are a couple of steps to follow when preparing for your next shot.

a) Ensure you tee the ball up in the correct position on the teebox. This basically means if you are planning to draw the ball, tee it up on the left side of the tee box or visa versa.

b) Carefully have a look at the layout of the hole and determine where the best place would be for the ball to end up. In doing this you must consider an area to which you can comfortably hit the ball with a swing that you know how to execute. This is called visualising the shot and by doing this you are putting an idea in your mind of how you want the shot to look and feel. This is a very important concept and will assist your mind and body to prepare for the shot ahead.

c) Make a couple of practice swings. Just one or two should be sufficient. The swing you practice should be the same one you plan to execute when hitting the ball. This is also very important as it gives your body a feel of the swing and helps to improve your execution of the stroke through muscle memory.

d) Approach the ball and start your setup routine. It is very important to set-up correctly as it will determine how you hit the ball. The set-up routine must also be the same every time you do it. This will help you to get comfortable before the stroke. To improve your setup go to my website and watch the full setup video. This is by far the best setup routine I have seen and after implementing it in my own game I can definitely vouch for it.

e) Try put any bad memories of previous shots out of your mind and focus entirely on the shot you visualised to play now. Then all that is left is to take a deep breath, relax and hit the ball.

If you do the above and get yourself a good pre-shot routine you should see a drastic improvement in the consistency and accuracy of your strokes.

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