How To Improve Your Golf Swing-And How Not To

One of the problems that I see a lot on the golf course is someone who is trying to improve their golf swing and tries to take every bit of advice that they hear. There are many different opinions on the perfect golf swing and if you listen to all of them you get conflicting advice. This can do more harm than good.

If you are new to golf then I suggest you go take a lesson from an instructor with a good reputation before you ever attempt to play golf. It is very easy to pick up bad habits if you try to figure it all out on your own. If you take a lesson when first starting, you will learn good golf technique before you pick up these bad habits.

There are a lot of golf training videos and many other training programs out there and if you listen to all of them you will probably never get good at golf. I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of good lessons to be had but there are so many different ideas on what will make you a better golfer that you can easily get information overload and that can be counter-productive. Pick one golf training exercise and stay with it.

Practice what you learn at home and at the driving range until it becomes second nature to you. I don’t mean practice for ten minutes before you head to the links, I mean set aside some time to practice every day. Many parts of a program don’t require you to actually hit a ball.
Practice the grip that they show you. Put the club down, pick it up and grip it correctly. Do this over and over because you don’t ride around the golf course with a club gripped in your hands. You need to grip it every shot, right?
Practice your stance and any exercises the program suggests to do it properly.

There are loads of information and golf training material on the market. Pick one and practice it again and again. If you haven’t improved by the end of a golf season then you may want to consider something else but do yourself a favor and give your chosen golf training material a fair chance before you move on to something else.

Rick Greene
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