Hybrids–My Second Thought about Golf Clubs

I still remember my old impression about the hybrid which I feel is a kind of club used for old man. But as more and more professional golfers came to use it, we really need to reconsider about the club. Of course, you can visit some golf shops to witness the difference between irons and hybrids. 

Hybrids, unlike their fairway wood counterparts, are designed to strike the ball with a downward blow. The relatively shallow sole, higher loft and deep perimeter weighting ensure the ball will spin and rise with plenty of pop, making it unnecessary to try to sweep or scoop the ball upward. I see this a lot with amateurs, who feel they ought to try to lift the ball into the air with a hybrid, or at the very least, sweep the grass as they do with a long iron or fairway wood. 

If you want to hit the hybrid correctly, you need to hit the hybrids by attacking with a descending blow as if you would do with a middle iron, in that case, the clubhead contact with the ball other than the grass first. The ball position is roughly the same—stance, swing length and rhythm—they’re all virtually the same as your middle irons! The divot should be shallower than that of a short iron, but with a hybrid, there ought to be a slim divot reminiscent of a 5- or 6-iron. 

Of course it is not so easy for any fresh player who can get used to the hybrids qucikly, so next time when you playing, you can have an alternate between 6-iron and hybrid, day by day, you will find that hybrid is you favorite already. You can found many hibrids such as Ping Rapture Hybrid, Callaway X Hybrid, TaylorMade R7 CGB Max Rescue are less than $100 in many online golf shops.

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