Necessary tools for regrip golf clubs

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To regrip golf clubs, you’ll need the following materials:

1. The new grips you’ll be using.

2. A tee.

3. A bench vise (not essential, but it will make things easier).

4. A rubber shaft holder to cradle the shaft, protecting it from damage, while the shaft is clamped in the vise.

5. Double-sided grip tape.

6. Scissors.

7. A grip tape scraper.

8. A utility knife with a hooked, rather than a pointed, blade. A pointed blade can damage graphite shafts.

9. Grip solvent placed into a squeeze bottle.

10. A container to catch the solvent, which you’ll be pouring over the shaft.

11. A cloth or old rag.

That may sound like a lot, but some of these are household items. And the specialized items can be purchased from most clubmakers or repair shops, or ordered from many component companies.

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