New Golf Clubs for Christmas? Essential Care Tips for New Golf Clubs

With Christmas having just passed us by chances are that the golfers among us have had some form of new golf equipment from Santa. New golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing kit are big hits at Christmas with golf players and chances are you’ll be itching to get on the fairways and test out your new toys!

There’s nothing like hitting a good clean shot with a golf club that’s head is free of knocks and dents, the ball will fly straighter and truer than ever before and all golfers will want to keep a hold of that feeling. A part of any golfer’s routine should be maintaining their clubs stay in top condition; many golfers pay little attention, which may adversely affect their overall game. The good golfer will make sure that their clubs, balls and any other vital piece of equipment stays in good condition and takes care not to damage their clubs with knocks or bends.

The most important piece of equipment to buy for your golf clubs is a sturdy, weatherproof golf bag. A lot of amateurs will keep their golf clubs loose in their car boot. Not a good idea as this is likely to see them get bent out of shape. Your golf bag should be weatherproof because when it rains when you are out on the golf course, if rain gets into your golf bag it can damage your club’s grips which can be costly to replace and get refitted.

One tip that a surprising number of golfers are unaware of is cleaning your club face after use. When you take any shot other than a tee shot then there’s a good chance you’ll catch the ground whether it’s on the fairway or in the sand, when you do so your club face can become dirty with the grooves on the face of the club becoming clogged. This may seem unimportant but those grooves are etched for a purpose; helping you strike the ball more cleanly as well as being more forgiving on where you actually hit the ball with your club. All it needs normally is a drop of water or a simple brushing off with a soft brush.

There’s a good chance that your golf clubs or any other new golf equipment cost a lot of money and so it’s wise to take good care to make sure your equipment lasts and serves you well!

If you’re looking to protect your clubs then consider getting golf equipment insurance or if you’re playing golf on holiday or abroad then golf travel insurance may be what you need.

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