Ping Rapture V2 Vs Ping G5 ( golf clubs reviews )

Ping Rapture V2 Vs Ping G5 ( golf clubs reviews )

What kind of golf driver can be great in your mind? The more complicated or the more technologically advanced?

More technologically advanced a driver is the more effective and high-performing it is. This is probably what the Ping company was going for when they produced the Ping Rapture V2. These are one of the most high-priced drivers in the market and their innovative details are the reason why.

With the Ping Rapture, you get a composite web crown that includes some titanium but is not an all-titanium club. This removes any additional weight in the head and adds 20 grams of discretionary weight. The weight is shifted to the sides and back so that the moment of inertia is higher and the launch angle is higher. For some, this compromises the ability to achieve greater distances but it really depends on the skill level of the player.

This also gives the driver a more solid sound. Aside from weighting, the V2 also has a hotter face with variable thickness. You not only get advanced technology, but also traditional club head shaping.

The Rapture currently has a number of fans, but those who have had the experience with the Ping G5 are not all ready to switch drivers. The main reason is that the Rapture does not offer that much more than the G5 when it comes to technology. However, the Rapture is more forgiving and does deliver a bit more distance. In addition, the stock Aldila VS Proto shaft in the Rapture V2 is slightly better than the G5.

While the Rapture ranks well when it is compared to competitor models from other companies, it is still one of the more pricey ones. If price is not an issue, then the Rapture will perform to its highest potential.

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