Recall the past, 2008 hot golf clubs list

NIKE SQ Sumo2 5900

There is no doubt, NIKE is popular because Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open up the grade, although the injury that forced Tiger out after the U.S. Open all the matches this year, but did not affect the popularity of NIKE, Choi Kyung-ju, Saba NIKE Frattini and other advocates in the field are still eye-catching. Its biggest advantage is the remote, which can help you play at the same time, the accuracy is not lost.

A professional soccer player in the United States holds the vote, it won the professional section of the accuracy. Direction and distance in the shot, its ability is unmatched by other clubs. It is worth mentioning that, CALLAWAY wood for this new BMW designers get help, the head shape at the bottom looks a bit like a car hood, the FT-i become a major feature.

Callaway X Fairway Wood

Fairway Woods has the world’s innovation revolution – 3 layers of stainless steel design and X at the bottom of the design, so that the bottom edge of the lower head, to ensure a more smooth over you. Changes in the thickness of the VFT Face technology, providing a great ball speed and weight around, give your excellent ball trajectory, distance and fault tolerance.


This is a very suitable for low handicap players use the club, club head by a short blade length, narrower at the bottom of the use of design, edge lines under the surface of thin, less face backward, and the toe side, all ensure the more straight you can hit the ball trajectory. Distance is the longest play of similar products, the head after grinding to prevent the sun of eye irritation.

Titleist Vokey Design

Titleist’s Vokey Design is a leader in the special iron, and its usage in the leading PGA Tour. It all depends on the technology. Trench face more clubs than the traditional 30%. In order to provide a more durable, higher spin down.

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