Teach you how to identify fake golf clubs


Teach you how to identify fake golf clubs

First, let us know how to identify “copy” club. Have had a lot of the media, the distinction between true and false with the ball from the price, appearance, level of production process, including product certification, etc. number for identification. However, there is one out of the neglected aspects: the detection of the ball with the shaft. Method is relatively simple: the first is to check the reverse shaft degrees (TORGUE), referred to as torque. Reverse the degree is defined as: when the bar was generated by power steering change, “copy” under the very large degree reversed. You can single-handedly grasp the handle in one hand and grasp the head and hands at the same time force in the opposite direction, if it is false shot, you can feel the rotation is very large, like a tree branch in the twisting; If this is the bar, You will feel less shaft rotation and at the same time hold the hand grip will be the side of pain; the second is testing the Flex shaft, leave the shaft rod hard, when there is no flexibility in bending and toughness feel.


“Copy” under the reason why so cheap, the main shaft as a result of manufacturing materials used in steel fiber glass. The so-called “copy” are also sub-par performance, mainly refers to steel fiber glass shaft in proportion. Genuine use of the ball with the shaft of the material is 100% carbon fiber, its tensile strength in accordance with the size of a hierarchy; stronger tensile prices higher, and its production and processing of the greater degree of difficulty; launched under many brand names body weight was more than 40 grams, and the head size of 400cc but reached nearly the kick-off wood, in order to ensure the excellent toughness shaft must use very high-quality carbon fiber, the price certainly expensive.


Then, use the “copy” under what was so bad about it? We already know that the use of leave under the shaft is steel fiber glass, the reverse is very large degree, the consequences are: players in the batting, it will feel the grip face is less attractive, but also very easy to hit a “right hook”; this time, players will often subconsciously by increasing the strength of arms and other action is incorrect to make up for; In addition, the “copy” hard shaft, flexible enough players in the swing When batting, it is difficult to appreciate the toughness through the use of shaft (soft and flexible bending) to “drive” the feeling at the time; this feeling for beginners to master the correct posture of the swing is very important.


in addition, the “copy” under the head is also defective manufacturing. As we all know, in complete sets of irons in addition to the length of each range bar, the head size is not the same: a small long iron, short iron large. Regular club manufacturers, in order to ensure that each shot has the same swing feel, and the same trajectory and direction of stability, will be through a variety of ways the focus of each bar to adjust, to make the whole club to maintain the same distance from the center of gravity. We often clubs from brands above to see the brochure “proper weight distribution” or “shift the focus” of the words actually mean that. And “copy” on the bar for cost reasons, not to carry out this adjustment, if the players use such a club, you can not get the same feeling of stability ball, the body can not muscle “memory” live fixed the swing, resulting in a lot of time, energy waste.


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