The Basics of Golf

The game of golf is played on a huge, grass-covered area known as a golf course. The course is either a nine-hole or an eighteen-hole playing field. Many beginners prefer to start with a nine-hole golf course.

Each player needs the necessary equipment to play the game. The equipment consists of a set of playing clubs, balls, shoes, tees, and of course a nice golf bag to put all the equipment into. Once you have the necessary equipment, using one of the clubs, either a wood, an iron, or a putter, you must attempt to hit a golf ball into successive holes, which are located on the course.

You need to start at the teeing area. Place a tee straight into the ground and then place a golf ball on top of it. Once the ball is set on the tee, swing your club and hit the ball. The goal is to get the ball into the first hole on the course. It’s ideal to get the ball in the hole on the first try but that is near impossible, especially for a beginner. Many players swear the golf equipment, such as adams golf drivers, can make for a better game. Every game has to have some sort of scoring system, and golf is no exception. Score is kept in the game of golf by how many strokes it takes to hit the ball into every hole. The least number of strokes wins the game!

Now, it’s difficult enough to hit a small white ball into a hole, but to make the game more interesting, there are hazards along the course, which make this goal even more difficult to obtain. There are bodies of water, trees, shrubs, sand-filled traps, and roughs. When your ball is in a hazard, you may not touch the ground or the water with your club. You can choose not to play your golf ball, but then you must add a penalty stroke to your total score.

What if you hit your golf ball out of bounds or it gets lost? A ball is considered to be lost if is not found within five minutes. If your golf ball is lost or out of bounds, you must add a penalty stroke to your score and replay your last shot.

Every golfer has their own variation, but there is one basic type of stance for hitting the golf ball. You should stand with your feet slightly apart and your knees slightly bent. The club is held firmly with both hands, one above the other. Your body should turned at the waist, along with your hips and back, and the golf club is fully swung back and then forward. Ideally, the ball is hit with a controlled force and the swing continues out to the other side of your body. A successful shot that is going to travel the greatest distance is high and travels a long ways. Low shots or putts are good for shorter distances, such as if the golf ball is relatively close to the hole.

These are the basics of the game of golf. Of course, the right equipment and lots of practice is what will make you good at the game!

K. Green is an avid golfer and loves using adams golf drivers whenever given the chance.

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