Titleist Stand Bag

Most golfers who carry golf stand bags view this as part of a healthy way to enjoy the outdoors whilst enjoying a relaxing walk combined with a game of golf.
In fact, carrying their own golf clubs in a stand bag can burn off an amazing amount of calories and golf could be used as a part of a golfer’s fitness regime:
Golfer’s weight: 130lbs /9 stone 3lbs/ 59 kgs: calories burned off per hr carrying a stand bag: = 325.
Golfer’s weight: 155lbs/11 stone 1lb/ 76.3 kg: calories burned per hr = 387
Golfer weighing 190lbs/13 stone 6lbs/86.2kg: calories burned=474.

Bearing in mind that an average round of golf takes 4-5 hours, and not just one, and you are speaking of burning, approximately, 1330-1625 cals, 1548-1935 cals and 1896-2370 calories, respectively. That can only be good for your overall health.

Titleist stand bags are made with good quality dual straps, actively encourage golfers to carry their stand bag in the correct manner. Using both straps, a golfer evenly distributes weight over his whole back and hips, which reduces, possible back injury, and if done correctly can, in fact, strengthen the back. Not only, is a stronger back essential for an active healthy lifestyle, but, a strong back is an essential element in a downswing, the takeaway, the follow through, as well as , a golfers short game.

So, a stand bag aids a golfer’s health through exercise? Yes.
A stand bag can help a golfer improve his game, by carrying his stand bag correctly, thus, strengthening back muscles? Yes, so that alone might make you consider a stand bag as part of your golf regime then and never mind the other healthy stuff, eh?

The mechanised stand system on the Titleist stand bag series’ mean that a golfer never has to bend from the waist to reach for their golf clubs, thus preventing possible back injury, by, incorrectly bending from the waist (very few of us bend correctly from the hips, instead we bend from the waist which creates a rounded spine, tut tut)

Golfbuyitonline have a very healthy (sorry, pun intended) selection of Titleist stand bags, which, not only, help to promote a golfer’s health and wellbeing, but, store all the essential components for a great game of golf.


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