Top Flite XL 5000 18-Piece Golf Club Set

  • The 460cc forged driver with draw-biased weight screw and huge sweet spot provide outstanding distance and accuracy. Synchro-flex graphite shaft enhances clubhead speed.
  • Two stainless steet fairway woods (3 & 5-wood) with draw-bias weight screws for consistent shot-making and True Temper steel shafts.
  • Easy-to-hit 4H and 5H hybridgs with draw-bias weighting for better shots from a variety of lies.
  • Perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons (6-iron–SW) that feature a deep undercut cavity back and dual balance weight screws for a lower and deeper CG for enhanced forgiveness and control.
  • CNC Milled soft face mallet ring putter with a high MOI design and an alignment stripe to provide improved accuracy on the greens and consistent roll.

Product Description
A fully loaded 18-piece set that’s the total package in one box. The Top-Flite XL 5000 Set is comprised of a 460cc forged driver with draw-biased weighting, two matching stainless steel irons and a putter. Also included are a lightweight stand bag and fice head covers. Availabel in left and right-handed sets…. More >>

Top Flite XL 5000 18-Piece Golf Club Set

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  • L. Anderson Jan 12, 2010 @ 17:20

    I have only gone to the driving range once with the clubs, but I hit just under 300 balls. I am very impressed. Actually I am amazed! I am a some what beginner golfer. My best game is 101 and I took a few mulligans that round. I normally play with my fathers set, which is a really nice set with Nike irons and mixed woods and driver. He spent well over $500 dollars on his golf clubs. I finally at the age of 27, I decided I needed my own clubs. So I researched for awhile and bought these.

    With these clubs I was able for the first time to hit the ball consistently straight. I might have lost about 10-15yrds of distance. But I gain an amazing amount of accuracy.

    They are very forgiving. And the draw biased does help reduce my slice. I would recommend these clubs to any one who is not trying to join the PGA and also can’t spend $500 plus on clubs. I don’t think I could be any happier with another set of clubs no matter the price. Do I still slice balls? Yes. Do I still think I suck at golf? Yes. Do I still wonder why I play this damn game? Yes. But at the end of the day, these clubs make everything just alittle bit better. Instead of having one great shot, with these I seem to have 2 or 3 great shots in a day. And that is what keeps bringing me back to this game.

    I will finish with, if you are thinking about buying these clubs, Stop thinking! Buy them, you won’t regret it.

    P.S. I have never used a hybrid before, but I am now in love with them.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Andrew Randazzo Jan 12, 2010 @ 19:59

    I bought these clubs after doing lots of research on full sets. I’ve been playing with an old set of blades and woods that I’ve had forever. I narrowed it down to this set and the Wilson power set. I decided on this set because it came with a 5w, Sw, and I like the bag design better. Also every club has a draw bias weight screw unlike the Wilson set. Also you get two hybrids and no 5I instead of the one hybrid and a 5I (that the Wilson set comes with.) Personally, I would rather have two hybrids and no 5I. And finally, the fairway woods have steel shafts which works better with my swing which is fairly fast. If you have a slower swing you may do better with graphite shafts on the 3w and 5w.

    The clubs showed up very quickly and in perfect condition. The bag has lots of pockets of all different sizes and a cooler pocket for drinks. If you can fill up this bag with stuff I would be impressed. The bag seems to be very well built, the stand works well, and again I think the design is pleasing to the eye. My only con is that I don’t like the backpack style strap. The quality of the strap is fine, I just personally prefer a regular strap so I took the strap off my old bag and put it on the new bag.

    The clubs came in perfect condition. Paint, grips, club faces all perfect. I was impressed with the feel of the face on the irons…like a fine sandpapery feel. Can’t wait to see the kind of backspin they will produce.

    I personally don’t have a problem with the size of the 3w or 5w…perfect for my liking. The driver is huge…very different from what I’m used to. It’s much longer than my old driver and the 460cc head is just ridiculous if you’re used to a smaller driver.

    Been to the range once so far…it is winter you know….and was very impressed with the performance of these clubs. I play or go to the range once a week at a minimum and have a 20 handicap. I was very impressed with the feel of these clubs. The grips felt nice in my hands and the clubs are very light and easy to swing. My old blades are much heavier so that may be why they feel so light to me. I hit the 6I-Sw with no trouble. Literally the best bucket I’ve ever hit as far as consistent crisp contact, distance and accuracy goes. The hybrids take a little more concentration to hit crisp. I just pretend they are an iron and that works for me. Even with less than perfect contact, the design of the hybrids seem to minimize pushes or pulls, and when you get all of it the ball really goes. The 3w and 5w felt great off the tee…long and straight with consistent solid strikes. I’ve never been comfortable with the 3w or 5w off the fairway but gave it a shot and had similar results to the hybrids…with a little more distance. I also really liked the sound when hitting the woods…a sharp ping similar to a metal baseball bat.

    The only club that gave me trouble was the 460cc driver. Every hit was a slice or push to the right. I adjusted stance, grip, ext with not much improvement. My first thought was that the graphite shaft may be too flexible for the speed of my swing causing the face to open on the down swing causing a ball flight to the right, but when I got home I searched on the internet for advice using a large driver and got some answers. Going back to the range soon to try again.

    I hit about 120 balls or so and had no problems with denting any of the woods. I even sculled a couple of balls in trying to improve my drives and dents. I didn’t have any problems with the clubs at all and would recommend this set to anyone from a beginner to a regular player. This set is perfect for the golfer who wants a new set and is on a budget. The best deal I could find was about $250 and for that price I was expecting really poor quality. So far, I’m very pleased and feel like I made a great purchase. Only thing…beware that the driver is very different if you are not used to one that big and may take a while and some research to hit well.

    Hope this review helps with your decision.

    Rating: 5 / 5

  • Daniel Eaker Jan 12, 2010 @ 22:32

    I have just taken backup the game of golf after 25 years. To say the least I and my old set of clubs didn’t make any heads turn on the golf course. I reviewed a number of different sets, and was please with what I read about this set. I have now used the set twice, and am more then pleased with how they fell, construction, and playability. The first time I used the set I dropped 18 strokes from my 18 hole score, the next time 13 strokes. The driver still takes some getting use too, but really puts more distance on the drive. The irons feel well balanced and hit true. The putter with its larger playing surface has helped reduce my number of putts. In a nutshell this is a great set, and plan on using it for years to come.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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