Well Designed Women’s Golf Clubs

Today golf has become a popular sport in most parts of the world. Many women have taken up playing golf both as professional golfers and amateur golfers. Some women play golf just as a pastime. The entry of women golfers is not very old. Previously, golf was the exclusive domain of men and as a result of this all the golf equipment including golf clubs were manufactured keeping in view that the game is being played by men. However with the entry of women golfers, golf equipments are now being made for women also.

Generally women need lighter and more flexible clubs than men. This is because women need clubs that suit their physique. Here are some key points while making a decision in buying a women’s golf club

*The club should be light in overall weight (with a feel of head weight)

*Correct Flexible shaft based on the swing speed

*Well designed and attractive

One of the most important points to be noted while buying a golf club is that it should have a proper fitting. Golf clubs chosen without fitting may not be suitable as there are many variables and different types of clubs. The fitting should be done by a professional fitter who will understand the customer’s requirement.

Ladies buying golf clubs should decide whether to buy a club with steel or graphite shaft. Generally steel shafts are great for those who have a powerful swing and a low handicap. Graphite is lighter and gives your swing an easier feel. It has been found out that most amateur women don’t swing the club fast enough to generate the club head speed needed to warrant steel shafts. Therefore beginners should start graphite shafts rather than steel. Though graphite shafts are more expensive, they are much easier for the beginner, high handicapper or women that prefer the lightness of graphite.

There are some ladies who choose the more expensive but low weight yet hard titanium. Stainless steel is cheaper, but it is also heavier. An alternative is an alloy head which is made from a combination. There are many combinations using different metals.

Those ladies who are starters should remember that though golf players are allowed 14 clubs to be taken in the bag beginners may take fewer clubs as making a decision while playing would be easier and faster when they are on the course.  Beginners may start with a 5, 7, 9 iron, and sand wedge plus a 3, 7 wood and putter. Seven clubs is more than enough for beginners.

If you are a complete beginner or a low handicapper, buying golf clubs should be done wisely. Get the clubs that will work for you, whether it is a few or a complete set. When you start out with the right “tools” you can pour your foundation and build a strong game that will make you happy and contended.

Ladies who are lefty’s and are having a hard time finding the perfect set of clubs should check out the World Wide Web. The internet offers the choice of a large number of online golf websites selling golf equipment. These websites will have a great selection of left handed clubs for women.

Women golfers may find all the accessories in the sports stores or golf stores. In some cases there may even be separate or special counters selling  women’s golf clubs in these stores. Before buying women’s golf clubs it is important that you should be well informed about the different types of clubs so that you can take the right decision while choosing the best club for yourself.

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