Will You Benefit From Buying Graphite Golf Clubs?

Relative to the more traditional steel golf clubs, the newer graphite shaft golf clubs do not weigh as much and flex more. For new golfers or players looking for lower resistance while driving the ball, graphite golf sets are good since they can weight half as much as steel clubs.

Older steel golf shafts can easily exceed 100 grams in weight, while graphite clubs will often be as light as 60 grams. This large weight reduction is substantial for players who want a much lighter weight for their club swing. The reduced weight grants faster swing speeds, which often better distance and accuracy for many players. Graphite shafts might also reduce the feedback that occurs from vibrations on the drivers – this improvement often means a better game for lighter golfers or those golfers seeking less painful impact on the teebox.

Added to the performance enhancements that often come from playing with graphite clubs, there are a number of physical advantages which accrue to golfers. One of the most important benefits is translated in terms of less pressure being applied to joints during the drive motion. In addition to usually reducing the risk of injury in slighter players, this will also allow for improved swing development. Graphite shaft clubs are therefore the choice of many players who want a flexible alternative to the traditional steel shafts.

Not only are there differences in total weight, graphite golf clubs give an intermediate flexibility as opposed to to traditional golf clubs. Graphite is sturdy enough to provide enough resistance to guarantee correct driving distance without being too difficult to control. A lower weight can improve swing speed of many golfers up to 5 MPH, which can often make a big difference in driving distance during the course of a round of golf. Improving the distance and quality of your teebox drive will improve positioning, ensuring better opportunities while on the course.

Most commonly, women, seniors and shorter men benefit from choosing graphite golf clubs based on the lighter weight. In addition, there are youth golf clubs composed of graphite, although you should consult with a professional to finalize which clubs are most suited for your kid’s uses.

In recent years, many retired and female golfers have opted for graphite clubs to ratchet up their overall play. By reducing the weight of these clubs by as much as 50%, these savvy players get a comparative advantage over their game with traditional steel golf clubs. Many graphite clubs today are made from composite materials as reinforcements such as Kevlar allow for enhanced durability over older graphite shafts.

When choosing a graphite golf club, it’s important to remember to pay extreme attention to factors other than just the weight. In particular, you’ll want to buy a golf set with a lower level of torque, ensuring you have a straight downswing, resulting in more accurate drives. Additionally, make certain you are okay with the feel of the driver, and always be paying close attention to the club’s material composition, durability and warranty.

Nick Stanley has been golfing for years. Find out more about graphite shaft clubs.

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