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It introduces Ping G10 Series

Ping G10 irons

The 17-4 stainless steel G10 irons are engineered with extreme low toe weighting to increase the moment-of-inertia for added forgiveness and consistency. The large, perimeter-weighted head features a new cavity shape and wider sole.

The center of gravity is positioned away from the face and low in the club head to promote higher launching, lower spinning shots. By creating a new shape for the Custom Tuning Port (CTP), PING engineers stabilized the hitting area to produce consistent ball velocity across the entire club face. An elastomer CTP insert helps control vibration for a solid feel.

AWT Steel Shaft
Ascending Weight Technology – lighter long iron shafts create higher club head speed and higher trajectory, heavier short irons create lower trajectory and optimal ball control.

TFC 129i: Tip Flex Control
Designed specifically for the G10 & i10 irons, the TFC 129 Series utilizes lightweight materials with progressive weight, flex, and torsion profiles to increase club head speed for maximum distance while providing optimal launch conditions for superior control, consistency and feel.

Ping G10 Driver

Using finite element analysis driven by a Cray Supercomputer, company engineers optimized the G10 Drivers’ crown, sole and face structure interaction to ensure maximum energy transfer to the ball. The 460cc driver features a larger profile with a taller face and deeper crown that produces a higher moment-of-inertia for greater forgiveness and increased ball velocity. Thinner crown and face designs provided discretionary weight which is positioned inside the club head to lower the center of gravity for reduced spin and higher launch.

  • 460cc titanium
  • Larger perimeter head size increases MOI
  • Taller face profile and deeper crown
  • Thin, variable face geometry
  • Internal weight pad positions CG for low spin, high launch
  • New PING-designed TFC129 shaft

Thinner crown and face designs

provided discretionary weight which is positioned inside the club head to lower the center of gravity for reduced spin and higher launch.

Ping G10 Fairway Wood

 The G10 Fairway Woods are engineered with a crown, that directly intersects the sole to create a low profile head that combines with a long, shallow face for improved performance from all types of lies. The face area is wider from heel-to-toe which allows for an increased effective hitting area, making the G10 incredibly forgiving and consistent.

The intersection of the crown and sole results in a skirt-less design which allowed PING engineers to reposition discretionary weight from the crown, face and hosel for a lower center of gravity location. A weight pad allows for the low CG location and provides higher ball velocity and reduced spin.

l          Energy transferred through the lower force line creates higher ball velocity and reduced spin.

l          The weight pad is formed from discretionary weight from the crown, face and hosel creates a lower center of gravity, higher ball velocity, and lower spin.

l          The face is longer from heel to toe which increases the effective hitting area for added consistency and forgiveness.

l          17-4 stainless steel

l          Crown intersects sole for low profile and lower force line to help reduce “thin” shots

l          Shallow, longer face for increased hitting area

l          Large, internal weight pad lowers CG for less vertical gear effect

l          Thin crown design and shorter hosel

l          Lower lead edge

l          PING designed TFC129 shaft

Ping G10 Hybrid


The 17-4 stainless steel G10 hybrid is engineered with a sloped crown to create a high-launching, solid feeling, versatile alternative to mid and long irons. Six lofts provide replacement options from the 1-iron through 6-iron in addition to fairway woods.

Discretionary weight from the crown and face is combined into a weight pad running parallel to the ground that positions the center of gravity low and back to increase launch angle and reduce spin. The variable face thickness design is machined and plasma welded for higher ball velocity and consistent response across the hitting area.

  • 17-4 stainless steel
  • Sloped crown and large weight pad parallel to ground optimizes CG location for higher launch
  • Sole relief and increased bounce height for versatility
  • Thin crown reinforced with radial rib design for solid feel and sound
  • PING designed TFC129 shaft is golf equipment online shop which provide the good famous golf clubs with competitive price and knowledge about golf

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